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Who Are We ?
About us

Who Are We ?

Acme Turizm is a well-established travel agency established in Konya in 1969 to turn your trips into a special experience. First of all, we have prepared our site carefully and we invite you to get to know it in every detail.

Acme Tourism, which has its origins in the field of Faith Tourism (Umrah-Hajj), was founded in Konya in 1969. The experience and trust gained over the years have carried us to a leading position in the travel industry. Acme Tourism is a member of the Union of Turkish Travel Agencies of Turkey TURSAB with the Business Document No: 3188 received on January 26, 1996 and T.C. It is a travel agency with a certificate from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

We help you to shape your travel experience in the best way with the wide range of services we offer you. Here are some of the services we offer you:

  • Umrah and Hajj Package Tour Organizations: We treat your beliefs with respect and ensure that you have a comfortable worship experience in the holy land.
  • Air Tickets to All Over the World (IATA MEMBER): As Acme Tourism, we offer reliable and convenient air tickets for those who want to travel all over the world.
  • State Railways Train Ticket (T.C.D.D. MEMBER): We offer the best options for those who want to travel by train.
  • Domestic and International Package Tour Organizations: We organize special tour organizations for you for unforgettable holiday experiences in unique destinations.
  • Dealers, Seminar Meetings, Congress Organizations: We plan your business trips smoothly.
  • Promotion and Incentive Travel Organizations: We strengthen your business relationships with special travel organizations for your business partners.
  • Rent a Car / Rental Car Service: We offer a comfortable and comfortable transportation throughout your trip.
  • Daily City and Environmental Tours: We allow you to get to know the cities you want to explore more closely.
  • Honeymoon Reservations: Imagine your most romantic vacation, leave the rest to us.
  • Staff, School, Student Trips: We offer professional support for your educational and learning trips.
  • Wedding, Engagement, Invitation, Picnic and Opening Organizations: We make your special moments special.
  • Yacht Tours, Blue Cruise: Experience your adventures at sea with us.

We are the first in Konya and one of the leading companies in Turkey in our Umrah-Hajj organizations. As the only company with the qualification to obtain an Umrah visa, we offer you a peaceful worship experience.

Acme Tourism, which became a member of IATA in 2011, has brought air ticket service to all parts of the world with the understanding of continuous development. Thanks to the HELLO TICKET system, we offer service to our customers up to their offices.

We are waiting for you to visit our office by phone, e-mail or in person. You can send us your feedback by visiting our website regularly. As Acme Tourism, we are with you at every moment of your travels and we are always working to provide the best service.

4 City 6 Umrah

4 City 6 Umrah

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Hudaybiya Umrah

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Curane Umrah

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Acme Tourism is growing by sharing its 55 years of experience.
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