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3 Nights / 4 Days

Hotel Price: 650€

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1. Day


After the check-in and passport procedures at the Departure Floor of Konya_İstanbul New Airport International Terminal, we are departing to Skopje by THY flight. After our arrival in Skopje, we are on our way to Manastir (Bitola), the historical and cultural paradise of Macedonia. Shirok Street, Decrepit Bazaar (Ottoman Bedesteni), New Mosque and Ishak Çelebi Mosque are among the places we will see on our tour upon arrival. After the free time, we will see the house built by Niyazi Bey in Resne from the outside, taking the Château de Chenonceau in France as an example. Then we move to the city of Ohrid. After dinner, stay at our hotel. 5* Izgrev Hotel etc. NOTE: According to the availability of the hotel, the accommodation is located in Ohrid or Struga.

2. Day

Ohrid-St Naum-Struga-Ohrid-Struga

After the breakfast we will have at the hotel, it is believed that they developed the Cyrillic Alphabet during our tour of the historical city of Ohrid, which was one of the important bases of the Ottoman Empire in the Balkans, 9. Sundays Decadent Byzantine monks Saints Kirillos and Methodios Monument, Ohrid Museum, Hagia Sophia, Ancient Theater from the Roman period, Samoil Castle, Sycamore Square and Ohrid Market are among the places we will see. After free time, St. Petersburg, which is half an hour away from Ohrid, is located. One of the most important names of the region in Naum, St. Naum's 16 y.y. after visiting the monastery that he eventually built, we are moving to the city of Struga. Poets Bridge, Poets Park, the wishing tree planted by the famous poet Fazıl Hüsnü Dağlar Dec in 1974, Bazaar and Hasan Baba Tekke are among the places we will see in our tour in this city where Muslim Albanians constitute the majority of the population, built on the Kara Drim River, Poets Park. After having dinner at our local restaurant as a trout menu, our accommodation is at our hotel. 5* Izgrev Hotel etc. 

NOTE: According to the availability of the hotel, the accommodation is located in Ohrid or Struga

3. Day


After the breakfast we will have at the hotel, we are moving to Tetovo (Tetovo), a charming town city built during the reign of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent. After our trip to the Harabati Baba Tekke and Alaca Mosque, the Bektashi center of the period here, we are moving to the city of Skopje. During our city tour that we will make in Skopje, one of the most popular cities of Macedonia, where the Ottoman Empire ruled for more than 500 years and managed to keep the old times alive with its Muslim population, we will visit the Stone Streets, the Turkish Bazaar with its historical buildings, Jewelry Store Street, Skopje Castle, Vardar River, 16, which has been the center of commercial activities of the city throughout history and has not lost its importance today. yy.stone Bridge dating from the Turkish and Jewish Quarter, Davut Pasha Complex, Mustafa Pasha Mosque, Yahya Pasha Mosque, Sultan Murat Mosque, Isa Bey Mosque, Double Bath, Sulu Khan, Kapan Khan, Kurşunlu Khan, Clock Tower, Skopje Square and a huge statue of Alexander the Great in the square, statues of Sar Samuel and Cyrillic Method, 17. from St. Additional area points of interest include Spas Church, Mother Teresa Monument and Mother Teresa's House. Decapitation services are provided onsite. After dinner, stay at our hotel. 5* Bushi Hotel, 5* Aleksandar Palace Hotel etc.

4. Day


After the breakfast we will have at the hotel, we will depart for Pristina, the capital of Kosovo. During our city tour after our arrival in Pristina, he opens one of the most important curtains of our history in the Obiliç region, witnesses once again the reason for the loyalty of this land and its people to us, performs his duty as a grandson here, and is the first and last sultan to be martyred in battle in Ottoman history, 1. We are visiting the tomb where the internal organs and heart of Sultan Murat Hüdavendigar are buried. After this meaningful visit, we are setting off for the city of Prizren. We are entering the city where Fatih Sultan Mehmed set foot in 1455, built a Prayer Hall at the entrance of the city, stopped for Friday prayers with his army and called his name Pur Zerin. Bayraklı Mosque, Mehmed Pasha Complex and Madrasa, Gazi Mehmed Pasha Bath, Halveti Deckhouse, Şadırvan Square, Prizren Bridge are among the places we will see. After our tour, we will depart for Pristina Airport. After the check-in and passport procedures,we are flying to Istanbul-Konya at the end of the tour. Hope to see you on another ACME TOURISM tour.

  • Istanbul / Skopje - Pristina / Istanbul round trip economy class plane tickets and taxes with Turkish Airlines
  • 3 nights accommodation in 5* quality hotels
  • Morning breakfasts at the hotel, set menu dinners at the hotel or in the restaurant
  • All transfers mentioned in the program
  • Taxes for Decoupling between countries
  • Turkish guidance service
  • Travel insurance
  • All foreign local taxes and Turkish VAT
  • The cost of domestic connecting flights from other cities to Istanbul
  • It will be taken for breakfast, all lunches and all meals on the first day 2. and extra drinks
  • PCR test fees and external costs that may arise later due to the pandemic
  • Balkan countries have abolished all vaccination and PCR requirements.
  • The current entry requirements and the entry requirements on the date of travel may differ. You will be informed by our agency about the current situation before the tour.
  • 150₺ exit fee abroad
  • Tours that will be requested outside the program
  • Hotel extras (room services, telephone, etc.), tip
  • All kinds of services that are not explicitly stated to be included in the program

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