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Cappadocia Tour

2 Days / 2 Nights

Hotel Price: 2.700₺

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1. Day

We are moving to Cappadocia by meeting with our esteemed guests in front of the Memorial State Theater at 23.00.

2. Day

Ihlara Valley - Kaymakli Underground City - Uchisar - Manzara Hill - Güvercinlik Valley – Onyx Workshops - Avanos-Turkish Night

After having breakfast at a suitable place determined by our morning guide, we move to the IHLARA VALLEY, one of the largest canyons in the world. we are reaching the IHLARA VALLEY, where you can find nature and history intertwined with the 105 churches and the Melendiz Tea flowing through them, which gives a different excitement to a person because there are still people living in it. We visit the AĞAÇALTI CHURCH and take our walks by the Melendiz Stream and have pleasant moments in this natural wonder valley with photo breaks. After that, we turn our direction to the KAYMAKLI UNDERGROUND CITY. Kaymakli Underground City; we enter this underground city, which was built as 7 floors underground and 15% of which are open to visitors, through narrow corridors. We are visiting social living areas such as churches, chapels, canteens, food stores, kitchens. Then, we are going to UÇHISAR for a short lunch break. After the break, we observe UÇHISAR CASTLE, which is the highest point of the region, during the photo break we have in the GÜVERCINLIK VALLEY.After a pleasant time we will spend in this valley, which is the most well-known and impressive with the nature of Cappadocia, we pass to the VALLEY of SCENERY and sip our tea here accompanied by a magnificent view. In AVANOS, we stop by ONYX WORKSHOPS to see the precious stones that are produced in the region.. Here you will witness how onyx stone is shaped in the hands of master craftsmen... At these workshops, where it is processed on stones brought from different parts of the world and turned into valuable jewelry, our guests will be able to shop at the end of our trip. We will complete our tour and check into our designated hotel. After dinner, we are participating in an unforgettable TURKISH NIGHT with music at entertainment venues carved into caves unique to Cappadocia with our (extra) willing guests.

3. Day

Balloon Tour- Pottery Workshops- Zelve-Pasabaglar Fairy Chimneys - Devrent Valley (Valley of Dreams) -Vine Mansion -Turasan- Three Beauties -Goreme Open Air Museum-Sultanhani

We participate in the BALLOON TOUR (extra if weather conditions are suitable) with our guests who want to early in the morning. After breakfast at the hotel, we are going to the POTTERY workshops to see the art of pottery made from the soil of Kızılırmak from father to son, grandfather to grandson in the region for 4000 thousand years. Thus, you will have the opportunity to sit at the head of a counter and make your pottery with your own hands with the help of the master. Then, in the region where the largest and multi-headed Fairy Chimneys, known as PASABAGLAR, are located in Zelve, our guests who want to Decamp inside the Fairy Chimneys can take walks and take lots of photos. Our next sightseeing point We are moving to the area called DEVRENT VALLEY or HAYAL VALLEY, one of the fascinating corners of Cappadocia. There are many fantastic fairy chimneys shaped like people and animals here where you can use your imagination and have fun while traveling. Devrent Dream Valley will make you feel like you are in a fairy tale land. After a pleasant time, we are moving on to ÜRGÜP. We are also visiting the mansion where the VINE MANSION series was filmed, which has an important contribution to the promotion of the region, and which we can see as an example of the large mansions of ÜRGÜP. After doing our photo shoots, we stop by the TURASAN WINE FACTORY, where the famous wines have been produced and sold in the region for about 4000 years. Our guests who wish will have the opportunity to shop here. Then we are going to see the THREE BEAUTIFUL FAIRY Gardens, the symbol of Cappadocia. In the first place of the most photographed places in Cappadocia, there are Three Beauties Peribacaları. We are adding these wonderful images to our memories and turning our direction into the GOREME OPEN-AIR MUSEUM. We are visiting the rock churches; Monks Monastery, Nuns Monastery, Saint Barbara Chapel, Elmalı Church, Yılanlı Church, Refectory and Cellar structures. Saying goodbye to Cappadocia, where we have accumulated pleasant moments and memories from each other, we see the SULTANHANI CARAVANSERAI, the largest of the Seljuk architecture inns on the historical silk road, as a panoramic view on our way route and take a short break. After the break, we continue our return trip via Aksaray, with convenient breaks, we return to IKONIA late at night and we say goodbye to our esteemed guests to meet on another ACME TOURISM trip

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  • 1 Morning Breakfast+1 Dinner at the Hotel
  • Transportation by Luxury Buses and City Tours
  • Environmental Trips
  • Professional Guidance Services
  • Compulsory Travel Insurance
  • Museum, Archaeological Site and National Park Entrances
  • Lunches
  • Breaks and Extra Food, Beverage Expenses
  • Traditional Turkish Night Entertainment
  • Breakfast Taken on The First Day on The Way
  • Additional Expenses Determined at the Hotel  
  • Balloon Tour (Depending on Weather Conditions)

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