Acme Turizm Eastern Black Sea Tour from Batumi

Eastern Black Sea Tour from Batumi

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Eastern Black Sea Tour from Batumi

5 Nights / 6 Days

Hotel Price: 9200₺

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We are leaving for the Eastern Black Sea with our esteemed guests at 23:00 in front of the Konya state theater.



Dear guests, after the breakfast we will have at our hotel in the morning, we are leaving for Trabzon with the information we received from our guide. We are arriving in Trabzon, the most developed city of the Black Sea. the century I. After seeing the Hagia Sophia Museum, one of the important works of the Pontic State made during the time of Manuel Komnenos, turned into a mosque in 1572, turned into a museum in 1964, we take a little walk in the center of Trabzon after this walk, we go to the coldwater neighborhood and take a picture in front of the Trabzon Presidential Mansion, which is 370 m high, after a walk to the Filigree Workshop and Store, where we can see and buy examples of Filigree Art that are unique to Trabzon, after a trip to the tea factory here, we see the famous knives of Sürmene, and after giving us the opportunity to shop, we move to Altındere National Park. When you enter Altındere National Park, you will see 1001 shades of green. Don't let our guests whose eyes are not colored get upset, your eyes will get a green shade while watching the green. When you see the architectural wonder of the Sumela Monastery, which was built by carving a rock into the foothills of Montenegro, located in the greenery, you will not be able to hide your surprise. while visiting the Sümela Monastery located at an altitude of 1250 mt, you will be enchanted once again after the narrations of our guide. Dinner and accommodation at our hotel. (If the monastery is closed on the date of the tour, a panoramic photo of the Sumela Monastery will be taken from inside the Altındere National Park.)



Dear guests, after the breakfast we will have at our hotel in the morning, Rize de M.D. after visiting the famous Rize cloth workshops and shopping place, which is a hemp raw material that has been woven for years, generally in the form of sheets, napkins, table cloths, we go from Rize to the Storm valley and go to the Ayder plateau. After our trip to the plateau, we are setting off with our guests in minibuses to see the Çat valley, which is unique in the world. With the minibuses we will take from Çamlıhemşin, we will see Şenyuva Village, where the Sevdaluk series was also shot, and go to Zil Kale, which rises in the wild nature of the Storm Valley. You will admire the image of Zil Kale resembling an Eagle's Nest. After our time in Zil Kale, we return to Şenyuva Village and take a short walk to Şenyuva Bridge, one of the largest stone bridges in the Black Sea Region. After the time we will give you on the bridge, we will get into our minibuses and return to Çamlıhemşin, then Move to our Hotel Dinner and accommodation at our hotel



Dear guests, After we have had breakfast at our hotel, we are moving to Batumi. (Our guests who wish can spend time at the center.) After completing our entry procedures at the Sarp Border Gate, we are moving to the Georgia / Acara region. Hz. One of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus, St. We see the Gonio (Apsaros Castle (Panoramic), which remains from the Roman period, where Mathias's tomb is also located, and was last used during the Ottoman period. As we continue towards the Batumi city center, we will see the Coruh River, which rises from Bayburt and forms sharp lines to the borders of Batumi, and the old Gonio Bridge on it. Our next stop, depending on the time of entry and exit..! there will be a Small Botanical Garden next to the old boulevard. After seeing a large number of trees and plant species native to the Black Sea, we return to the city center and start visiting the city center. Here after Lunch and Prayer break; We will see the historic Virgin Mary Cathedral Church, the historic Orta Mosque, the Theater Building, the Medea Statue, the Port of Batumi and the Europe Square with its newly created face. Then we make the exit procedures from the Sarp Border Gate and move to our hotel for dinner and accommodation.

Note: Batumi entrance and exit operations take an average of 2-3 hours each.

Identity Cards must have a Chip and a Picture by the age of 0.



Dear guests, After breakfast at our hotel, we follow the sharah valley and move to Uzungol, surrounded by emerald green spruce forests, located at an altitude of 1040 m above sea level. We are continuing our way after our long holiday trip. We are reaching the Thursday plateau from the peak Plateaus of the Black Sea by passing through the Fatsa district of Ordu (if it catches up in our program). In the Thursday Plateau, we see menderes processed like oya accompanied by magnificent views of nature, and we view the magnificent view from Karga Hill, which dominates the entire plateau. And we're moving on. then move to the Slap Center, Have Dinner and Overnight at our hotel



Dear guests, we will have an open buffet breakfast at our hotel in the morning, and then you are. We are visiting Taşhan, Gökmedrese, ulu mosque, clock tower, Ali paşa mosque located in the city center of Tokat, then we pass to Amasya. We start our trip with the Khazeranlar Mansion, a typical Ottoman mansion built in 1865. Then we watch the bay windows of Yali-Long Houses standing towards the river made on the edge of Yeşilırmak. Then Sultan II. The mosque, madrasa, imaret, mausoleum, fountain and fountain built in the name of Bayezid II in 1485, which has a fountain, fountain, fountain, fountain, fountain, fountain, fountain, fountain, fountain, fountain, fountain, fountain, fountain, fountain, fountain, fountain, fountain, fountain, fountain and fountain. We are visiting the Bayezid Complex. From here we are visiting the Burma Minaret Mosque and Princes Park. After lunch and Prayer Break, we visit the Amasya Museum, where 6 mummies dating from the Ilkhanate period attract the most attention. After our museum trip, we visit the Water Channels of Ferhat and Smurf, which are believed to belong to the Hellenistic Period and, according to mythology, Ferhat created by digging mountains in order to get to Smurf, and which bear this name. After our trip to Amasya, the end of the tour is departure to Konya. Looking forward to meeting you on another ACME TOURISM trip.

  • Transportation by luxury buses,
  • 5 nights half-board accommodation
  • Extra breakfast to be taken on the first day,
  • Morning breakfasts (6),
  • Evening meals (5),
  • Guidance services,
  • Travel insurance,
  • Transfers with buses at the highland exits
  • Boztepe cable car fare,
  • Rıza Tourism accompaniment and treats,
  • Museums and Archaeological sites Included in the Fee (Hagia Sophia church, Amasya Mummy museum, Princes Museum , Uzungol National Park , Ayder National Park, Zilkale, Sumela national park (except Sumela Entrance) , )
  • Lunches,
  • Museum entrances not specified in the all-inclusive
  • Drinks to be taken at meals,
  • Foreign exit fees,
  • Rafting and zipline fees at Storm Creek,
  • Special expenses,
  • Plane tickets for plane attendances.
  • Return dinner on the last day.

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