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7 Nights / 7 Days

Hotel Price: 1850$

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1. Day


We are meeting with our guests, whom you count, in front of the Turkish AIRLINES counter at the Konya- Istanbul international terminal. After baggage, check-in and passport procedures,departure from Istanbul to Hurghada.. After the necessary passport and baggage transactions, we transfer to our transfer vehicle and our trip to Luxor by road begins. After our breakfast treat, we are leaving with our car for our tour, where we will explore the east coast of Luxor. We will tour the Karnak temple, which has become the largest temple in Egypt and the world with various additions by the pharaohs over the centuries and has been a scientific, political and economic center throughout ancient Egypt. After that, we will have the opportunity to shop by visiting a manufacturer where the essence, which is a perfume raw material produced in Egypt from ancient times to the present, will be promoted. We board our ship at noon. After the lunch we will take on board, we will then visit the Luxor temple, one of the most important temples of the ancient Egyptian time. Return to the ship at the end of the tour. Dinner and overnight stay on our ship.

2. Day


After a nice night on our ship, we also have breakfast on board in the morning and after breakfast we depart for our tour of the Valley of Kings. 18m. Two large sculptures carved with handmade sandstone blocks in length Memnon Giant Statues and more than 30 pharaohs were buried in the Valley of the Kings, aka the Valley of the Pharaohs, our next stop after our trip is the Temple of Hatshepsut, the oldest of the funerary temples located on the western bank of the Nile river. Hatshepsut; she declared herself a pharaoh, held power for 20 years, depicted herself in paintings and sculptures with a male body and a fake beard, and is the first female pharaoh of Egypt. After the visit, we return to our ship and take our lunch. Our ship will depart to Edfu via Esna. Dinner and overnight stay on board.

3. Day


After breakfast in the morning on board, the Edfu Temple, built on the banks of the Nile River, dedicated to the hawk-headed god Horus in Egyptian mythology, built in 57 BC, is the largest and best preserved after the Karnak Temple and will be visited. Lunch is on our ship. In the afternoon, our trip along the Nile River will continue with magnificent views. Our next stop will be the Temple of Kom Ombo, dedicated to the Crocodile God (god of evil) Sobek and the Sky God (god of goodness) Horus in Ancient Egyptian mythology, which was built as two separate temples intertwined for two separate gods. The reliefs in Kom Ombo, the only temple shared by two gods, were erased by the Copts, who later used this place as a church. Many of the stones of the temple, which were damaged as a result of the overflows of the Nile river and earthquakes, were used for other constructions. Our journey will continue towards Aswan via the Nile River. Accommodation with dinner on board.

4. Day


Today we will take our early breakfast as a ration. We are moving to Abu Simbel with our private car. Upon arrival, we tour the Abu Simbel Temple, a magnificent masterpiece. This temple is Pharaoh 2nd in Southern Egypt. It was built by Ramses to show his enemies how strong he was and for his love for his wife Nefertari. The temple, which was made by carving the inside of the Simbel mountain, was moved back after 6 years of work under the leadership of UNESCO against the danger of flooding during the construction of the Aswan Dam. After this fascinating visit, we will have lunch and return to Aswan in our private cars. We will continue our trip with the Philae Temple, which was dismantled and moved to the island of Agilkia within the scope of the UNESCO Nubia Project before the construction of the dam. Transfer to the ship after the tour. My dinner and accommodation are on board.

5. Day


After breakfast, which we will receive in the early hours on board, we will depart to Aswan Airport for a domestic Cairo flight belonging to Egypt Air Airlines. After our arrival in Cairo, after our baggage transactions, we depart from the airport by car for the Giza Pyramids, Cairo National Museum. On this tour, we will visit the site that includes the 3 great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx statue, including the Pyramid of Cheops, one of the 7 wonders of the world. After the magnificent bird's-eye pictures that we will take at the panorama, the dominant point of the site, we will have our lunch at a touristic restaurant. After lunch, we will move to the world-famous Cairo National Museum. At the end of our visit to the museum, which houses almost all the artifacts unearthed in all of Egypt, we perform our check-in procedures and check into our rooms based on our arrival at our hotel. Our overnight stay and dinner are at our hotel in Cairo. (4* Tolip Golden Plaza Hotel etc.)

6. Day


After the breakfast we will have at our hotel, we will go to Cairo Castle. Cairo Castle: It is a magnificent defensive castle belonging to the Middle Ages. Construction of the castle 12. it was started by Saladin Eyyubi, the founder of the Eyyubi dynasty, in the century and completed during the Ottoman Empire. The most important museums of the city and one of the most famous mosques and the Mehmet Ali Pasha Mosque, which was modeled on the Istanbul Sultan Ahmet Mosque in its design, will be seen inside the castle. After seeing the Sultan Hasan Mosque, we take our lunch. Tahrir Square is a symbol of all resistance and freedom for the Egyptian people, in other words, after visiting Liberation square, everything from souvenirs, spices, fabrics, dishes to dishes are displayed, full of monumental doors, Decadent spice smells are spreading, you will be very difficult to sit down (by the way, we can explore the coffee shop “El Fishawy”, where Mehmet Akif is breathing), you will be given free time to shop in the Khan El-Khalili Bazaar, Cairo's largest historical bazaar filled with authentic coffee. Our overnight stay and dinner are at our hotel in Cairo. (4* Tolip Tolip Golden Plaza Hotel etc.)

7. Day


After the breakfast we will have at the hotel, we will depart for Alexandria, the second largest city of Egypt, immortalized by the name of Alexander the Great. Alexandria is a tourist city where Cleopatra's magic meets the blue of the Mediterranean and the sapsar warmth of the desert. On our city tour with lunch; The Library of Alexandria, which has the most works of antiquity before it was burned down and was reconstructed in 2002, which is ranked seventh on the list of the 7 wonders of the world, the Lighthouse, the Kaysbay Castle and the Royal family Jewelry Museum, which are believed to have been built with the ruins of the Alexandria Lighthouse and where the entire coastline is observed from the castle, will be visited. Transfer to the airport after dinner. At the end of the tour, we are flying to Istanbul-Konya. Hope to see you on another ACME TOURISM tour.

  • Istanbul-Hurgada / Alexandria-Istanbul economy class flight ticket with Turkish Airlines
  • Economy class flight ticket from “Aswan to Cairo” with Egypt Air Dec.
  • 4* Tolip Golden Plaza Hotel v in Cairo .b. 2 night stay
  • 5 * Victoria Ra2 v.b. 4 nights full-board accommodation on board
  • All morning breakfasts, lunches and dinners specified in the program
  • Hotel, ship and city taxes
  • Luxor and Karnak Temples, Hatshepsut Temple, Valley of the Kings with Giant Memnon Statues
  • The temple of Edfu
  • The temple of Kom Ombo
  • Abu Simbel Temple tour with lunch
  • Assuan dam, Philae Temple, Nubian Village
  • The Pyramids of Giza (Cheops, Kefren and Mykerinos) and the Sphinx of Giza and the Cairo Museum
  • Selahattin Eyyubi Castle and Khan Halili Bazaar
  • The Mermaid of Egypt Alexandria (Alexandria Library, Lighthouse, Kaysbay Castle and Jewelry Museum)
  • All excursions specified in the program and museum entrances specified
  • Professional guidance service and local guidance service
  • A visa is applied at the gate for an Egyptian visa (30 USD).
  • Personal expenses, all alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to be taken at meals.
  • Overseas Exit Fee Stamp
  • All Trips Not Specified in the Tour Program
  • Konya-Istanbul-Konya Round Trip Connecting Flight (150$)
  • Personal Expenses

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