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5 Nights / 6 Days

Hotel Price: 950$

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1. Day

Istanbul - Tehran - Rey - Tehran

Konya-Istanbul New Airport International Terminal Outgoing Passenger Lounge After check-in and passport procedures, we are flying to Tehran. After passport and customs procedures, after visiting Khomeini's tomb and mosque, we are moving to Rey city (15 km). Upon arrival, after seeing the Tuğrul Bey Tower, we stayed at our hotel after dinner. 4* Ferdowsi Hotel etc.

2. Day

Tehran - Shiraz

After breakfast at the hotel, after a trip to the Gulistan Palace, after photographing Azadi Square, we are moving to Tehran Airport. we are flying to Shiraz by plane at 13.00. Arrival: 15.00. Haf Dec and Sadi Mausoleums, famous poets Moshir and Deputy Palace, Irem Bagh, Kerim Khan Castle (from outside) and bazaar are among the places to see in our Shiraz city tour. After dinner, stay at our hotel. 4* Royal Hotel etc. Note: If the plane arrives in Shiraz later than planned due to the landing time, some places that cannot be visited today can be visited the next day.

3. Day

Shiraz - Yazd

After breakfast at the hotel, Nasir El Mulk Mosque, Koran Gate, the Historical City of Persapolis are among the places to see during our Shir Dec city tour. After our trip, we are heading towards Yazd City (440 km). After dinner, stay at our hotel. 5* Safaiyeh Hotel, 4* Moshir Al-Mamalek Garden Hotel etc.

4. Day

Yazd - Isfahan

Friday Mosque, Fire Temple (Zoroastrian Temple), Towers of Silence, Emir Çakmak Complex, narrow old city streets with mud brick and stone architecture are among the places to see in our Yazd city tour after breakfast we will have at the hotel. Decatur Mosque, Emir Çakmak Complex, Emir Çakmak Mosque, Emir Çakmak Mosque, Emir Çakmak Mosque and Emir Çakmak Mosque are among the places to see. After our trip, we are going to Isfahan (320 km). After dinner, stay at our hotel. 4* Piroozy Hotel etc.

5. Day

Isfahan - Kashan

After breakfast at the hotel, we start the Isfahan city tour with a visit to the Tombs of Nizamul Mulk, the Vizier of the Great Seljuk Empire and Terken Hatun, the wife of Melik Shah, the ruler of the Great Seljuk Empire (if it is open). Then we will see 33 Bridges on the Zayende Rüd River, Minar Dechban (Trembling Minarets), Ateşkeda (Temple of Fire) (from outside and from afar), Chehel Kolon (Forty Columns) Palace, Ali Kapu Palace and Shah Mosque in Naqsh-ı Cihan Imam Square among the places we will see. After our trip, we are going to Kashan after the free time (215 km). After dinner, stay at our hotel. 4* Vanda Hotel etc.

6. Day

Kashan - Qom - Tehran - Istanbul

After breakfast at the hotel, after a trip to the historical Tabatabai House, we move to the city of Qom, famous for its madrasas, which are considered the religious center of Iran (109 km). Hz. After visiting Masume Mosque and Kabri, we are moving to Tehran Airport (108 km). At the end of the tour, we are flying to Istanbul-Konya. Hope to see you on another ACME TOURISM tour.

  • Round trip economy class flight tickets and taxes to Istanbul / Tehran / Istanbul with Mahan Air
  • One-way economy class plane tickets and taxes between Tehran / Shir Dec
  • 5 nights accommodation in 4* quality hotels
  • Morning breakfasts and dinners
  • All transfers mentioned in the program
  • Gulistan Palace, Hafiz and Sadi Tombs, Nasser Al-Mulk Mosque, Surrogate Palace, Irem Vineyard, Historical City of Persapolis, Friday Mosque, Temple of Fire (Yazd), Towers of Silence, Minar Conban (Trembling Minarets), Chehel Column (Forty Columns) Palace, Shah Mosque, Ali Kapu Palace, Historical Tabatabai House entrance fees 
  • Turkish guidance service
  • Travel insurance
  • All foreign local taxes and Turkish VAT
  • The cost of domestic flights from other cities to Istanbul
  • Water and indoor drinks taken at lunches and meals
  • PCR test fees and external costs that may arise later due to the pandemic
  • Iran requires PCR tests performed within the last 72 hours from guests who have not been fully vaccinated. For this round, participants who have not been fully vaccinated are required to take a PCR test 1 time in Turkey (about 250 TL) before going.
  • Upon return, Turkey does not require PCR tests from vaccinated or unvaccinated guests.
  • 2 To be fully vaccinated. it should take 14 days after your dose of the vaccine.
  • There is no PCR test requirement for our fully vaccinated guests.
  • The conditions of entry to the country are constantly changing. You will be informed by our agency about the current situation before the tour.
  • 150₺ exit fee abroad
  • Tours that will be requested outside the program
  • Hotel extras (room services, telephone, etc.), tip
  • Entrance fees not specified in the included services section
  • All kinds of services that are not explicitly stated to be included in the program

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