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Jerusalem Tour

3 Nights / 4 Days

Hotel Price: 740$

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1 . Day


Meeting at Konya-Istanbul airport. Departure to Tel Aviv with THY scheduled flight. After customs and passport procedures, we pass to the Jaffa region by private bus. (If allowed) Jaffa City trip; departure to Jerusalem after seeing the Mahmudiye complex and Mosque, the clock tower built by Sultan Abdulhamid and the Ottoman fountain. We check into our hotel upon arrival. Dinner and accommodation.

2. Day


Today, first of all, a panoramic presentation of Jerusalem. The authority of Salman al-Farisi, Hazrat. A visit to the tombs of Rabia-tul Adeviye and the area where Jesus ascended to heaven. Located on the hill of Zion, David AS. After visiting Makami, the room where the last dinner was eaten and the Ottoman-era structure mosque, we will go out to the viewing terrace. We will take our bus and arrive at Hebron city after about 1 hour of travel. In the Hebron complex, Hazrat.Abraham, the Prophet.Isaac, the Prophet.Joseph, the Prophet. Jacob HANG. and there are the graves of their wives. We will also see the Nueddin Zengi altar during our visit. Then a 20-minute drive to the Hazrat in the town of Helhul.Jonah (a.s.) his office will be visited. Then we come to the Dead sea, known as the Lake of Lot. Lunch break in Jericho. The sight of the Dead sea Lot Lake, 400 meters below sea level, which is the most depthless region of the world, is on the way to Hazrat. Visiting the tomb of Moses. Return to the hotel after the visit. Dinner and accommodation.

3. Day


Going to and returning to the Al-Aqsa Mosque for morning prayers. Breakfast is at our hotel. After breakfast, Ubadah b in the Muslim Cemetery located just at the entrance to the lion gate called Bab al-Asad. Samit and Sheddad b. We are visiting the graves of our companions named Evs. We are walking towards VIADOLAROSA. This way is Hazrat. They are the stopping points during the walk along the path where Jesus will be crucified. There are churches and visiting points at these points. Christians become pilgrims by standing at these points and worshipping. Hz. We are visiting the Church of the Resurrection, known as the tomb of Jesus. There is a shrine and Hazrat.We will see the haunting stone on which Jesus' body was placed after he was taken down from the cross. Kiyame church was founded on Golgotha hill. Outside the church, we will also see the historical staircase left in the window when the Ottoman edict issued for Jerusalem in 1852 was announced. The Prophet who came to Jerusalem in 638. Omar(r.a.), which was made in the place where the Prophet prayed.We are visiting the Omar Masjid. Then we will see the Hankah(tekke) built by Saladin Ayyubi, the conqueror of Jerusalem. After that, we visited the Library of Records located in the courtyard, Burak Masjid, Hazrat Mahdi (as) located in Aksal Kadim.We will see the altar of Mary and the place of worship. From here Marwan b. Hazrat Mahdi (as) in the Marwani masjid built by Abdulmalik. We will see the baptismal boat of Jesus. At the end of these visits, we have lunch and visit the wailing wall and the synagogue inside because of the Jewish holy Sabbath holiday. Since it is forbidden to take photos inside, photos can be taken outside. After the evening prayer, we will return to our hotel for dinner and rest.

4. Day


Emptying the rooms after breakfast, which we will receive at the hotel. We are moving to the Al-Aqsa Mosque for Friday prayers. After Friday prayers at the Miraj located in the Masjid al-Aqsa Mosque Complex, the Dome of the Rock built around the Mysterious Stone on which the Prophet ascended to the heavens and beyond, the Sahara, and on the night of Miraj, the Buraq Mosque and the Marwan Masjid, where he connected Buraq, who brought him from Mecca to Jerusalem as a passenger, after visiting Tel Aviv Airport. Departure to Istanbul-Konya with THY scheduled flight and the end of our tour. Hope to see you on another ACME TOURISM tour.

  • Economy class flight ticket between Istanbul - Tel Aviv - Istanbul with Turkish Airlines Dec.
  • Airport taxes,
  • Visa fee
  • Trips and visits specified in the program
  • Airport pick-up and round trip transfers
  • 3 nights Accommodation in 4* hotels
  • Morning breakfasts
  • Dinners (Drinks to be taken during meals are not included in the price)
  • Luxury bus and professional chauffeur service to be used during the tour
  • Mecca Hotel 600 - 800m- Serviced
  • Personal expenses
  • Lunches
  • Hotel extras
  • Foreign exit fee
  • Tours and transfers not specified in the program
  • Drinks to be taken during meals and breaks
  • PCR tests to be performed in Turkey and Tel Aviv.
  • Travel health insurance (Covid-19 Comprehensive)

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