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4 Nights / 5 Days

Hotel Price: 8000₺

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We are leaving for Gaziantep with our esteemed guests at 23:00 in front of Konya state theater



After reaching Gaziantep, we first visit the Zeugma Mosaic Museum after breakfast at the restaurant. Here we see mosaics that have been removed as a result of archaeological excavations from various regions of Gaziantep and have become famous all over the world. Then we go to the city center and visit the inns and workshops where pearl processing, coppersmithing and handicraft, the world-famous handicraft of Gaziantep, are continued, and we tour around the Castle where the historical Gaziantep inns and baths are located. We give free time for shopping around the castle by visiting Almaci Market. After the free time, we go to our hotel for dinner and accommodation at our hotel. gaziantep



After breakfast at the hotel, we are going to the peaceful city of Halfeti. We are taking a trip by private boat on the emerald green of the Euphrates at Halfeti lake. After sightseeing by boat the Village of Savaş, part of which is under the waters of the Birecik Dam, and the Greek Castle, which serves as a terminal fortress to many civilizations, we move to Sanliurfa and the symbol of patience is Hazrat Mahdi. Job (a.q) We are visiting the Makami. He will visit the office of the prophet, who has been rewarded by Allah for his faith and patience; we will be able to drink from the healing water found here. After our visit, you can visit Balikli Lake Hali-ul Rahman Lake and Mosque, Ayn-ı Zeliha Lake Ibrahim Prophet's Office, the place where Prophet Ibrahim was thrown into the fire, Rizvaniye Mosque, Mevlid-ı Halil Mosque and shop in the Grand Bazaar, rugs, isotçular, blacksmiths, bakırcılar bazaars and Customs Han during the free time we will give. Then we go to our hotel for dinner and accommodation at our hotel. Our guests who wish can join the queue night (ekstra) ŞANLIURFA



After breakfast at the hotel, we are traveling back in time to about 12 thousand years ago during our visit to Göbekli tepe, the oldest known monument in the world. We are all studying the first temples built by man and this huge cult area together. After our trip to Göbekli Tepe, we are completing our Sanliurfa tour and moving to Viranşehir, located in the village of Prophet Eyüp nebi.We are visiting the sheriffs of the tomb of the prophet Job, his wife Rahime Hatun and the Prophet Elyasa, the sheriffs of the tomb of the prophets, after our visit, we are on our way to Midyat. We are taking a short trip to Midyat. You can get it from the best examples of filigree art, which Syriac masters have worked finely with the accumulation of centuries. We are visiting the Midyat Guest House, which is one of the most beautiful examples of Midyat houses that you know with the Sıla Series. Then we leave this beautiful city and move to Mardin. We go to our hotel Accommodation and dinner at our hotel. MARDIN  



After breakfast at the hotel, we start visiting Mardin, where Religions and Languages meet, a combination of many different cultures and Beliefs, from Syriac to Arabic. Among the places we will visit are the Kasimiye Madrasa, the Mail of the Prophet Muhammad, the Sheikh Quick (Abdullah Anes al-Jüheyni)mosque and the mausoleum visit, the Great Mosque, the Great Mosque, the Mosque after listening to the narration of the minaret, which will be Deciphered like a poem giving the Kebir, we see the Şehidiye madrasa and the PTT building. We are going to the Deir-ul-Zafaran Monastery. We complete our trip to Mardin by visiting the Deir- ul Zafaran Monastery, which has been the center of the Patriarchate of the Assyrians for more than 1000 years, and then we move to Diyarbakir, after our trip we reach Diyarbakir and we go to our hotel Accommodation and dinner at our hotel. Diyarbakir



After breakfast in the morning at the hotel, our first stop was in the year 639 Hazrat. The Diyarbakır Grand Mosque, which was built on the area where the Martoma Church, the largest temple in the center of the city, was located during the reign of Ömer, is becoming. After listening to the history of the grand mosque from our guide, we are visiting the house of our famous poet Cahit Sıtkı Taranıcı, which is a museum. Then we go to the castle where the Prophet Suleyman mosque and the tombs of the 27 companions are located. We are visiting the Diyarbakir Walls, which are recorded as the longest wall after the Great Wall of China in the world and are likened to the shape of a Shield Fish. Then we will meet at the designated point, complete our tour and depart from Malatya, Kayseri, Aksaray route to Konya. The end of the tour moves to Konya. Hope to see you on another ACME TOURISM tour.

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